Monday, March 31, 2008

You know you don't get out enough when...

So we didn't get a thing done on the house this weekend. Instead, we made a whirlwind trip to New York for a friend's wedding. We arrived a few hours before the rehearsal dinner, and left a few hours after the ceremony. All in all a good trip-- far too quick for my taste, but nice, too. I lived there very briefly, so my time there is rarely pressed. I've seen what I want to see. No pressure to run from place to place, sight to sight. Just nice, leisurely strolls.

Anyway, the rehearsal dinner was at Vento Trattoria, which is in a Flatiron style building-- narrowing at one end and broadening out at the other. The food was excellent, the cocktails were fabulous, the wait-staff were fun, opinionated, and efficient, for the most part. However, Adam and I spent much of oour time staring at the awesome plank floors, and the carved wood columns holding up the beams that went from one end to the other.

It was pretty great.

HAHa! I was about to type something about the ceremony location (Cipriani's banqueting hall in the old Bowery Bank building-- gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous) and when I thought I was cutting and pasting a sentence, I actually pasted the ENTIRE TEXT OF ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, which I cut earlier. From Project Gutenberg. It almost crashed the computer.

So yeah. My point...Something about being easily preoccupied with the architecture, even with awesome food and drink in reach...Hm. Maybe not much of a point, seeing as how I appear to be easily distracted by small shiny objects.

Clearly too many cocktails and too little sleep just addles a poor girl.


Nate said...

Ha! Too funny!

Sandy said...

I don't drink and I do that! LOL

And the bad thing is, I say as I'm sitting there, "Oh no, wait. Stop. I didn't mean to do that!" LOL

fred!@opc said...

One day the Government will ban drinking and blogging. Until then you're fine.

And you would've known if you'd really had too much to drink and too little sleep if you let old Anne of the Gabels stay in the post when you published it.

You wake up the next morning thinking: what have I done???