Monday, March 10, 2008


We give up. We surrender. We're packing it in.

In a few moments, I will be calling the plumber to get our hot water pressure issue fixed.

A little more experimentation gleaned that there's something in the pipe between the kitchen sink and the heater. We can flush it out so it's loose, but we can never completely dislodge it from the system. We'll get it to work great for a few minutes, and then it suddenly looses pressure.

We've replaced valves, replaced washers, snaked the line, backflushed scraped with wire, and we still got nothing.

White flag's a-flyin'.

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Fred said...

The title of your post made me LOL.

We've got something in the line between our bathroom sink and the main connecting line. Pressure has been bad for about a year there (since we redid a section of the plumbing in the basement). My guess is that a piece of putty is in the line, but I've never snaked it.

I hope that the plumber finds it fast and can show you what exactly it is.