Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Creeping and crawling and rainy day blues

Speaking of...I think that perhaps one of these may be what crawled into this. The smell seems to have fortunately faded somewhat while we were gone.

Unfortunately, the clutter did not. I so hoped it would magically crawl back into the hole from whence it came while we weren't looking. But it was still there upon return and seems to have only expanded. It sort of feels like all progress has ground to a halt and the shit-shit-everywhere has finally got to both of us.

Noses will, from here on out, be pressed firmly to grindstone. In theory, of course. I still reserve the right to sit on my ass once in a while and play online jigsaw puzzles (real ones would be more therapeutic, but the damn cats like to play Hide the Puzzle Piece with me...that or Eat the Puzzle Piece and throw it up in a location that I will invariably step in on my way to the bathroom in the morning).

We hope to tackle the kitchen trim this weekend. It doesn't look like the backsplash will have arrived by then, but maybe we can get to the countertop trim, as well. I also want to have the bedroom relatively box free by that time and Adam is working on the dining room, which became a repository for all things displaced. Jumping from the doorway to the bed is not an ideal situation, really. Nor is skating across the dining room floor on a stray pillowcase; fun when intentional, hair-raising when accidental.

Part of our lack of progress is a bit due to weather; we've had a lot of rain. I mean a lot. Torrential freaking downpours. But a break in the madness yesterday and today means we will finally get my grandmother's outdoor dining set moved over. Pictures to come. We are also "borrowing" her recycling can since our POs didn't leave theirs and I haven't called for a new one yet.

In case you're worrying that we've been sneaking to my grandmother's home late in the night, all catsuits and flashlights, don't. She has moved into an apartment, so things like lawn furniture and hedge trimmers aren't too necessary.

In the meantime, I ordered our towel bar for the bathroom, so as to feel useful. I'm not sure it really worked.

Onward and upward, I guess. In this economy, I don't think we have a choice!


Jennifer said...

Oh, the things I have used as unintentional skateboards.

I'm glad the smell is going away...

Sandy said...

I loved the paragraph about the puzzles! Made me laugh because that is exactly why I like to do on-line jigsaw puzzles!