Thursday, March 27, 2008

Then there's the countdown to mummification

I said in that last post that everything I'd listed was the main stuff...
Guess it goes to show that you can live with just about anything and eventually pay it no mind...

Something has died in the wall. In this wall to be exact:

That's our exterior walls-- the perimeter of our house is 2 1/2 brick thick all the way around. Something small, but powerfully stinky, has wedged its way into some crevice and is now stinky pantsing the place up. We had taken off this piece of front door trim to repair a section of the door jamb and just haven't gotten around to putting it back.

So if you sit on the couch for more than a moment, you get waves of stench as the air wafts through the wall, out of this opening and into the room.



Fred@OPC said...

Nasty wall smells are terrible. I had a smell in my basement for MONTHS and I finally found out it was actually the base of a ceramic light fixture where the heat from the bulb was melting the plastic. Are you sure the smell is from a dead animal and not from any electrical issue? (Outlets and such have been known to emit a fishy odor when they start to melt due to a short).

Anyhow, Hope you find it!


P.S. Would you mind updating our link: (We're at now). I'll also make sure to add your site to our blogroll. Thanks!

Amalie said...

Update made!

I definitely thought of the electrical issue-- especially after our outlets melted out of the wall a couple of years ago... It would have really pissed me off if that's what it was since we recently had the entire house rewired. But we were gone for the weekend and the smell is much improved since.

The bradford pear trees have lost most of their blossoms finally, so any part their stench may have played is gone now, too.

Apparently the solution is to leave town for the mummification process!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad it's better.. I can't stand smelly things.

I thought something died in our garage one day... I couldn't make it in to get anything out for a few weeks. It turns out it was grass in the mower my husband didn't empty at the end of the year...