Sunday, February 10, 2008

We're that much closer...

As I mentioned, lots of little accomplishments this weekend, and a few really big ones.

For one thing, my $70 shower head purchased for $12 was installed:

7 different settings! It's so exciting.

We also put our first housewarming present together. Our realtor gave this to us on the day we closed, but we were afraid we'd ruin it, so we hadn't put it together until now:

This location, beside the pantry, will likely be its long term home, hopefully to house an espresso machine. Eventually. Until then, we're going to use it as an island to try out how we like the size and arrangement before we build a permanent island.

The kiddo got some raking and bagging done...I did a little sunlight scouting in the backyard so we can choose a place for a vegetable garden. And I spied a robin-- I don't care what some groundhog in Penn says; a robin and some 65 degree weather says spring. Period.

Now for the big stuff.


And hallelujah. It's about time.

Ok. So full disclosure. Not everything is entirely hooked up. Sink and faucet are in-- it was a many, many hours long fiasco, though we finally got it done. I put a bead of caulk around the edge and I'll deal with shaping it up using my fingernail, a caulk scraper, a razor and some solvent. We cut one little piece of PVC too short, so we'll have to redo that one length. But the garbage disposal is otherwise together. Fridge is in and connected to the icemaker line. Dishwasher is hooked up, though not screwed in yet. And the stove is just sitting there, attached to nothing.

We may have a slight placement issue with the stove and dishwasher. We measured many times, but eh. We still got it wrong. We have a few ideas and solutions up our sleeves and we'll deal with it later.

But it's shaping up!!

Oh yeah! And Adam did most of the gruntwork here, and the kiddo was a huge help on the yard and island. I just pointed out when someone was doing something wrong.


Joe said...

I just came across your blog tonight and read the whole kitchen saga. I'm just finishing a complete remodel of mine and I'm amazed at how similar our kitchen floorplans are. Keep plugging away and you'll have it done sooner than you think. Or, if you're like me... later than you think. ;-)

Jennifer said...

We have one of those rolling carts... it's awesome! Ours has found a similar place in our kitchen, but doesn't hold an espresso machine. :(

Sandy said...

I love that rolling cart!

I have some questions about that gorgeous showerhead. When you removed the old showerhead, was there a "ball" at the end of the pipe? If so, did you have to remove it to put the new showerhead on and how did you remove the ball?

Amalie said...

I'll have to look into the shower head install...As with most everything else this weekend, Adam did that. I didn't even watch. He'll know...

At least I put together the rolling cart with some assistance from a certain little someone...

Amalie said...

Sandy-- I asked Adam about the shower head. He says there was no ball anywhere. I did happen to look at our one, and it was really just an empty case with holes, sort of like a pasta strainer. I wondered if that was why our pressure was bad (if, perhaps, the ball does the same things as holding your thumb over the end of the garden hose?).

Hope that helps!

Sandy said...

Thanks for asking Adam! It was worth a shot... the ball allows you to aim the showerhead up, down or to the side. I'm trying to avoid taking the pipe out of the wall and replacing it... I'm afraid of opening up a whole can of worms that was better left unopened! LOL

Amalie said...

I see what you're talking about-- our NEW shower head has the little pivoting ball joint thing, but the old one only shot one direction.