Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Damn weather...

Thanks to everyone whose been checking in; we were very glad to not be on the receiving end of a tornado last night. We're in the heart of Tornado Alley, so almost anytime there's rain, it's a distinct possibility. We consider ourselves very lucky.

It did, however, take an hour and a half to drive 8 miles this morning on a 70mph interstate because of the ice that resulted from the temperature plummeting 40 degrees. After I passed the wreck that caused the pile-up I just felt terrible. The car didn't even resemble an automobile anymore.

Arkansas has a long, history with tornadoes, mostly by the rivers-- you know when they're coming. It's quiet, like people say it is, and still. But the air feels different, too. And they are devastating. Fort smith really got on top of things, finally, and installed tornado shelters at every elementary school (or are in the process of doing so-- most schools have them) and they are open to the public; you're never more than a few blocks from a shelter. Also, after a big tornado in 1996 in which the Tulsa Weather Service didn't properly warn us, we've become a little gunshy and take all the precautions we can. I have, at times, even considered installing a safe-room behind the garage.

1898 Cyclone (pics from NOAA photo database)

1996 tornado-- (pics from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

Lets all try and send good thoughts out into the world today.

And stay off the roads, people.

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