Monday, February 25, 2008


Finally, things are lighting up, firing up, running and scrubbing as they are meant to. Which is a good thing, because we are a mere 3 days from M-day.

Adam's folks were awesome enough to drive their van down Saturday loaded with stuff...And it's finally not just nameless, faceless boxes-- it's personal.

It's making it feel so much more like a home. Well, that and the fact that I've been staying down there for almost a week nursing my mom and my sister through the flu.

And while the folks were here, they helped us get some final coats of paint on the walls, and Adam's dad coached him through the last of the appliance installations, thus, the lighting and firing, etc.:

When they turned on the dishwasher, and told us it was on, Adam's mom and I went literally running into the kitchen to see-- 'cause we sure weren't believing what we heard. Which was nothing-- that thing is soooo quiet. Unlike the icemaker, which tumps a load of still black ice (black from all the "pipes-sitting-unused" crud) and then loudly hisses water into the tray every so often. But I'll get used to it. Been a long time since I had such a convenience, so I'm not bitching. Just acclimating myself to new sounds.

Sunday, we got our base shoe cut and painted. We'll get these nailed up and then tackle painting the rest of the trim one room at a time during the spring when we can open windows and get some fresh air-- in case you missed it, our POs screwed us over a few ways with the baseboards, as in, they didn't remove them to drywall. Hence, baseboard and other trim painting will be done in situ. In place. On the wall. In the house. It's oil paint, so it's pretty stinky. We'll need a good solid spring breeze to keep us from passing out in the fumes.

Lots left to do, but at least we'll be in the house soon.

Oh-- and I got to try out the new shower curtain, bath rug, and shower head, and they were simply wonderful.


Sandy said...

Congrats! Who did the picture on the mantle? I thought it was quite interesting!

Amalie said...

Thanks! That was done by Brad Holland-- I've loved it since I was a little girl, and now I have a place for it!

Bungalow Monster said...

I notice the way the color comes across on your new stove you've pictured here... it looks as if it's pink... kind of a tribute to your last kitchen????

Good days ahead for you... in your "pink free" kitchen.

Thanks for your kind remarks regarding our tree fort. The kids do love. We also installed a zip line that stretches 50 feet or so with a handle bar they grip and slide across. All is fun until they forget to jump off at the end and slam into the tree teathering the cable.

Amalie said...

It does look pink! I think it reflected the red rug on the floor...Between that and our pink bathroom, we are all tributes.

I love zip lines-- our neighbor had one when I was a kid and I thought it was the most fun ever. Until the slack end of the rope whipped back and burned my arm.

Good times...