Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh boy!

The claims adjuster called yesterday and told me he had some extra time and was able to come by early. I wasn't able to leave work, so Adam handled it. The guy couldn't do an estimate on the spot-- too much to figure up-- and it's gonna be a lot, I think. New roof on house and garage, new carport, new wood clapboard on the garage, new ceilings in at least 2 rooms, new insulation, new love seat, paint on ceilings and garage and 2 sides of the house, new gas street light, new screens on part of the house, maybe a new heat pump (to replace our new heat pump) depending on what the experts say when they see it...the list goes on much further than that. No telling what the depreciation will be, but the majority of these things need to be taken care of, so we'll see most of that money in the end. Fingers crossed we can get on a roofers list sometime soon; with most of the decking needing to be replaced, there's gonna be a lot of people who won't even want to talk to us...

Anyway, the kiddo had an after school event yesterday, so I killed some time in Target while I waited to get her. A couple of hours there is a very bad thing. The dollar section has gardening stuff, so I got a couple of little planters and new gloves-- and a headband so I can look pretty whilst I work in the mud. Then I picked up necessary things like toilet paper and aluminum foil...and then I meandered into the patio/gardening/seasonal section. Lo and behold, there hung a hammock for $30!! I really don't even have that kind of money to spend, but I've never seen such a deal, so of course I bought it and I'll let you know how it goes; it was too dark to hang it, and it probably will be again tonight by the time we get home.

There was, however, time to pick our little strawberry, and we all had a taste. I forgot how much better homegrown strawberries are. My grandfather grew them, and in one or two bumper crop years, I sold them at the farmers market. Nothing beats strawberry shortcake that you don't have to sweeten.

At any rate, I'm excited-- lots going on, these days. Plans to get the backsplash up this weekend, then there's the used book sale at the library, and the hippies have started their outdoor movie showings, so things are finally picking up around the house and around town. Just have to keep moving on the important things, or it'll be feet up in the hammock for me!


Green Fairy said...

I am so off to Target to see if they have the same hammocks here.

Jennifer said...

hammmock! I love hammocks.... supposidly the in-laws brought a hammock back from Brazil for us last week, or I would be checking out Target, too!