Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Why aren't puppies reasonable" or, "Understanding imminent domain"

What a shitty way to start the day.

I was able to keep the dog out of my flower bed long enough to let the four-o'clocks grow nice and bushy. The corner where he dug the most never grew up, but that's ok. I'd resigned myself to putting a bird bath sort of between that spot and the rest of the flowers and letting him have the corner under our window.

In the meantime, he's found other places to dig, which I refill once every day or two, raking dirt back in them, or buying cheap topsoil when it somehow (??is he eating it??) disappears. I'm ok with that. It makes him happy. There weren't any flowers or grass, or much of anything really there for him to have ruined. But while I was in Florida, he got back into his flowerbed corner. And I thought, "It's ok. I've given up anyway. He can have it. I'll find a nice bird bath."

And what did I find this morning? He's dug another two feet into the bed and killed another four-o'clock plant. Grrr. I was trying to compromise with him. We had an agreement and then he goes and claims more for himself! Can't he see that that's a violation of the terms of our treaty?

I contemplated the idea of giving him designated digging areas, but he's not digging to expend energy or to catch bugs. He calmly digs out a spot and nestled in it up against something-- the patio bricks, the garage, the house foundation. It's how he likes to sleep.

So anyway. I guess this means I have errands to run between work and dinner: a new birdbath and landscaping rock to try and prevent further unauthorized encroachment.


tracylynne said...

try this puppy keep away-just don't get it one your flowers-try it on the dirt-it worked on my furniture.

1/4 cup oil clove
1 tablespoon paprika
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 Mix the oil, paprika and pepper and pour it into a small container with a tight-fitting lid.
2 Label and keep away from children.
3 To use: Dab it on your furniture legs, chairs, tables, rugs to discourage puppies from getting on the furniture.
4 The scent will wear off after awhile, you may have to reapply it if your puppy isn't completely trained. Good luck Tracy-Lynne

Amalie said...

Thanks!! I'll give it a shot. Though, I did try a mixture that included white pepper, red pepper, thyme and cloves (?) and he ate it. He just followed behind me in the yard eating it as I shook it out. My folks had a similar breed-- he's a yellow lab/English setter, and theirs was a black lab/Irish setter-- who ate everything they tried to use, too.

Maybe he'll hate paprika!

Silly dog.

Jennifer said...

Mine do the same thing... I finally figured out where their favorite area is and am making a sandbox for them. I'm going to fill it with sand, sinc ethey love to lay in nice cool damp sand in the summer... hopefully it will work!