Monday, June 9, 2008

Negative Nancy strikes again

Yesterday was Adam's birthday, and I made him build a fence.

I helped, too. Mostly I threw a tantrum that we weren't getting anything done on the house because we are lazy. I like to call this "motivation." This fence sections off a portion of the yard exclusively for the dog on days when the meter is being read and other sundry events. Considering we put it together from scratch, I'm extremely pleased. This fence also hopefully marks our return to home improvement from weeks in exile.

I should briefly note that I had my first planned gathering on the patio Friday night. We've had my mother or the odd friend here and there stop by to have a beer. But I actually invited my girlfriends over, we made daiquiris (girly. I know.), played cards, drank beer, and ate lovely snacky things to go with my tomato with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil sandwiches. It was simply all-around great.

But now, because it wouldn't be a Monday without something painfully annoying...emphasis on the "pain"-- I burned my elbow. Badly. On the iron this morning. It was one of those cartoon delayed reaction moments where my arm sort of sizzled on the cotton setting for a second before I realized what was happening. And I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Daytona to work for a week, so I'm now really looking forward to the SALT water. Here's hoping it's curative and not hurtful.

And just to make this an even more Good Old Fashioned Monday, it piss-poured rain a good portion of my way in. Still, I couldn't help snapping a few blind, hold-the-camera-up-and-hope- it-catches-what-I-want shots of the journey into the storm.

And that makes the drive completely worthwhile :-)


kediger said...

Seriously!? You built a fence from scratch?! That's so awesome!

Amalie said...

if only we'd actually logged and milled the wood with nothing but our bare hands and our teeth...

Joe said...

First, I love the new blog header image!

Second, I miss having storms roll in like that; we don't get that in Portland, but as you (painfully) know, they are common in the summer down south.

Jennifer said...

I love the new header! It is so cool!

Nice fence... that is quite the accomplishment.

I LOVE mozzarella/tomato/basil sandwiches... had one for lunch today! YUMMY!

Green Fairy said...

Nice storm pictures! Have a safe trip to Daytona.

kitliz said...

That fence looks awesome. Love your method of motivation... that one generally works well for me also!