Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our best laid plans

We tried to get things done this weekend. We really did. Unfortunately, I enter the new week with nary a picture to show for it.

Adam has been working. A lot. Some on the weekends, even. So I have to say that the hours diverted to financially viable endeavors and the sleep needed to keep up with such diversions, has certainly put a dent in our progress. Add to that my Florida work trip and illness, it's been hard to get anything done.

Once I got over the cold, I spent Friday night in bed with debilitating stomach cramps. But Saturday morning I felt pretty good, so I tackled some of the boxes that were still lingering in the dining room. I got 2 walls of the room cleared and unpacked (the poor dining room table has rings of boxes surrounding it on all sides...well, now on 2 sides). I even set up my fountain on the broad windowsill and set up accessories (!!). And then after lunch, the stomach cramps hit again. But by Sunday I felt better... good enough, in fact, to spend all afternoon helping the kiddo finish her unpacking and cleaning. And wowsers-- does she ever have a room!
I'm waiting to post before and after pics until she has all her posters-- including the van Gogh Sunflowers that she requested for her birthday-- on her wall, and cushions for the window seat. I'd have gnawed off my right arm with my own teeth to have a window seat in my room when I was that age. Still might, come to it...At any rate, she can actually get to and use her papasan chair now, enjoy the one houseplant we have which is perched in her window, and best of all, she has ample space in the middle of her room for her yoga. I'm really excited to finish up this room...

We did make valiant attempts to get the kitchen counter trim into its final stage, as well. We needed a ten foot piece of red oak trim, and at least a 6 foot piece. They've been out of the longer lengths every time we've been lately, so we rushed out Sunday morning and tried to get 2 matching less-warped lengths. We were willing to buy 8 foot pieces, too, instead of 6 as long as we could get a good match.

And then we got home. And realized that we'd left the store with a 6 foot and an 8 foot piece. But it was just as well; our cabinets are redder than the pieces we picked, so we'll just have to start all over again one evening. Sigh. We can't say we didn't try.

It's really hard, you know, when life gets in the way. Besides the usual work and family, I'm joining the gym today to get back to yoga classes and this Saturday I'm hoping to make it to Little Rock where my best friend has just purchased a 1920s Spanish mission style 2-story stucco house. It's so cute and she has the absolute, hands-down best taste of anyone I've ever known. She takes things no one could ever possibly think would look good and makes then fashionable and cozy-- the best part is that no matter how polished she makes it look, I still want to wrap up in a blanket on the couch. I haven't seen it yet, and I'm so excited to see what she's done with the place...

So for now, the long and short is that I suppose I have to be satisfied with the little things-- happy with every little box that gets emptied. And I am-- seriously; that one half of our dining room looks awesome.

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kediger said...

Don't be too hard on yourselves. I'm so amazed at what you've already accomplished! Can't wait for girls' night tomorrow!