Sunday, June 1, 2008

Global warming sucks

This spring has been nuts. I don't think I've ever seen a spring/summer that has had as much severe weather in my whole life around here. We had big plans to get stuff done today, work on the kitchen, maybe the fence. Make a big fat trip to Lowe's. But while Adam and I were on the front porch having coffee, the dog came to the side of the house and started scratching on the porch in a panic, which is weird for him. But he was acting crazy, so I brought him inside. And while I was getting the cats' litter box out of the mudroom, and setting it up with his bed, the weather went insane. Sixty mile an hour winds and torrential rain-- I went out the front door and saw this:

Yeah-- it's noon and the street lights are on. There's hail in the surrounding communities. This is getting scary. We've had 2 bouts of damaging hail and another half-dozen threatening storms with significant flooding or winds. Not to mention some normal rainy days. I mean, it looked like it might rain, but not like this. It happened so fast. And even creepier? Here in about 30 minutes, it's supposed to be sunny and warm.

I guess we'll make that Lowe's trip after all...and maybe even get some work done. But this weather is scaring the shit out of me, to be perfectly honest.


Green Fairy said...

Jeez, you've had the craziest weather this year. It's been weird in Chicago, too. No hail or anything like that, just an unbelievably long cold spell. We're still wearing sweaters most days.

Jennifer said...

It's been REALLY weird here... tornades in COLORADO near the foothils. UNHEARD of. They happened a week or so ago. I've talked to people who have been here for 40 years who have never heard or seen of one around here.

Who knows?