Sunday, June 29, 2008

Accepting defeat

So I went to Little Rock this weekend, and when I got back, Simon had torn out most of the remaining four o'clocks. Before I could do anything else about it, he dug another 3 or 4 feet into the bed. Adam and I are going to try to devise some sort of "permanent" barrier. He's old enough that he won't want to jump over something, so as long as he can't pull or push it out, it should work. For next year, at least. As for this year, I've admitted defeat. (Update: Mom says seeds might still have time to take hold!!) I had a picture, but I couldn't bring myself to post it. I already threw a crazy childish tantrum over the issue. I'd like to forget the whole thing ever happened. The good news is, the bed just on the other side of the fence is going gangbusters:

These lantanas and four o'clocks should be blooming any day now. That bed is only actually a couple of feet wide and maybe three feet long, but the plants really overflow. It's sort of wild and secret gardenish.

Now, what was I doing in Little Rock? I think I mentioned before that my best friend bought a house. I wanted to see it in person and spend a little quality time with a bottle of wine on her front porch. We did all that and ate some yummy food, too. We also rearranged her dining room and talked shop-- colors and walkways and passthroughs. At the end of the weekend I made a special request. Could I please PLEASE post pictures of the ugly, nay-- heinous-- lights in her house. Pretty PRETTY please? She's a good friend. She said yes.

So I'll start you off with an easy one. This is inconspicuous, located inthe stairwell:

Next, we have the entryway.

Now it gets harder: The dining room-- shiny brass...

And the coup, lighting the breakfast nook--

But just so I don't leave you with a bad impression of her house, here's a quick pic of my favorite thing-- the dining room table that belonged to her grandmother. The table is stained dark, and the leaf is left a light honey oak. It's the best runner ever; no kitties pulling it off the table.

And meanwhile, back in our dining room...

Somebody's enjoying the fountain.


Nate said...

Mmm.. what a sweet piece of glass/brass! Now, take the entry fixture, add a second tier above it with eight glass panels, make it more of a greyish glass, and you have my grandparents' chandelier in their dining room from the house they built in '93. They had the smaller version in the entry. I was only a kid, but I still knew they were ugly! Oh, and the breakfast nook? Please. I actually vocalized the 'ugh' when I saw it.

I like the new blog banner. It is new right? Or has it just been that long since I checked back!?!

fred said...

I've never seen a table idea quite like that one - leaving the leaf a different finish is a very interesting idea. And, with a centerpiece that accents it, its quite interesting!

B.Williams said...

OMG, I just ate dinner, you can't show me light fixtures like that!

Amalie said...

I know. Those lights are sort of unimaginably bad. I was definitely not prepared for that.

Nate: it's a fairly newish banner-- say, a few posts old. Glad you like it!

Jennifer said...

My EYES! My EYES! The burning!

I love the table... I might be tempted to refinish a table to be like that in the future!