Saturday, April 5, 2008

And it did!

Or, April flowers, anyway. The kiddo and I noticed our awesome jasmine on the way out Friday morning:

The pink dogwood is blooming:

The redbuds (3 of those!):

Although you can't see it well in this picture, the ajuga's purple little flowers are cropping up:

And the cherry laurel is so full of little white flowers that there were hundreds of bumble bees and sweat bees and moths crawling all over it this afternoon.

Now if the lantanas, four-o'clocks, canna lilies and roses will make an appearance, I'll be a happy camper. Except I won't be, because that will mean it's frikin' hott outside.

1 comment:

Jenni said...

So Pretty. Another good thing about older houses. The flowers the PO's planted are there to surprise you in the spring.