Monday, April 7, 2008

And now I see

I finally see our furniture. It's taken a while, and there's many more boxes to go, but they are slowly disappearing from on top of and around the furniture...

Dining room was:

Dining room is now:

Some of those tables from the before pic have made their ways to the sides of the room, perhaps not to permanent locations, but the fact that there are sides of the room toward which they may go is major improvement:

I owe most of this progress to Adam-- he's been working hard. And while this post isn't an exciting one, it's largely for Heather, who couldn't make it to the house this weekend, and when that happens, she often demands pictures of what has changed. I'm preempting that.


Kelli said...

It's like sculpting your room, removing the excess material to reveal the beautiful shapes underneath. I love the before and after pictures! Lets me know there's hope for my living room and dining room after all.

Sandy said...

I love the table that has the paper shredder on it. It's beautiful.

Amalie said...

Both side tables came from my grandmother's house; I think they were originally from her father-in-law...I guess that makes them family heirlooms!

Kelli-- What a great analogy! Quite literally "carving out space."