Saturday, January 12, 2008


This stuff is gross...

But it's also miraculous.

See, we have a lot of baseboards that look something like this:

Somebody took off the baseboards and didn't really get everything quite straight when they put them back. This created a number of gaps, up to 1 1/4" between the baseboards and the floor. When there was carpet, it wasn't so much of a problem. Now without it, I can see grass outside through some of these cracks. I like to wave and say hi to the outside when I walk by.

Now. A smart person would simply remove the baseboards and lower them to match the floor and square up with the corners. However, a smart PO wouldn't have done this:

(Excuse the sloppy paint-- we're not done with the trim, yet) So...they didn't bother to remove the baseboards to do the drywall, they just went up to the tops of the boards and stopped. Sigh.

Anyway, just one of the things that has to be added to the list of stuff we can't control. I simply don't have the energy or time to REdrywall the whole house. So we used 5 cans of the expandable spongy goo to fill the gaps. When it dries, we'll trim it and install a base shoe-- actually, a door casing that has a profile mimicking that of the primary baseboards.

I've begun reminding myself that we are the POs for all future owners; they'll be shaking their heads about all kinds of things that we've done out of frustration, exhaustion, and as a consequence of everything that's come before us.

At least now we won't be bleeding money through the floors by running the heat pump with one giant crack running around the entire perimeter of the house.


Jennifer said...

We cursed our PO... and now we, too, are doing things that I'm sure will make future PO's shudder!

It's good to seal that up... heat lost is no fun matter!

Jen said...

I promise I have used 50 cans of that stuff. We too could see under the baseboards. When daylight seeps out from under the floor,it freaks me out!!!
I sprayed from the inside and went under the house and sprayed from underneath. (always wearing gloves) I still see spots that need some spray. At one time I thought the spray foam was the only thing holding up our house..