Monday, January 14, 2008

Then again, the best laid plans...

I had a little delay getting started yesterday. Once I got going, I decided to strip the remaining block of wallpaper above the toilet, then I could paint the bathroom, paint the kitchen, and slap one more coat of poly on the kitchen floor on my way out.

Those are small rooms. Simple plan, right?

I should know better.

The wallpaper peeled right off, at first. About 15 minutes into my project, I decided to document this ugly stuff for posterity:

2 1/2 hours, one spray bottle of water, 3 different paint scrapers, one box cutter, one smearing of joint compound, a half a roll of paper towels, and an overuse of the f-word later...


So I didn't end up having time to paint the bathroom...But on a more productive note, I got one more coat of poly on the kitchen floor, and a coat of Yellow Frost on the kitchen walls:

Now we begin work on removing the particle board countertop, installing plywood, and finally installing the granite tile...Any tips here will be especially welcome, particularly involving laying out the 12" squares!!!


Jennifer said...

Wow! You got a lot done!

On the granite... snap a chalk line grid instead of using spacers, as natural stone tiles are NOT perfectly square and even (unfortunately). We received that bit of advice when laying our slate, disregarded it, and had to start over.
Basically, you will place each tile inside it's grid as you go, using your eye to fudge any glaring problems one way or another. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Much-delayed question....were the walls you were removing wallpaper from horsehair plaster, by any chance? We just stripped a bunch of wallpaper upstairs and still have some glue left - but when I wash the wall, the plaster seems to be coming down with it (not down in chunks, but just creating more dust). Do I HAVE to wash the walls? Can I just sand down the remaining glue and use some good primer?