Thursday, January 31, 2008


Have I found a suitable lighting compromise?

Polling people through my previous photoshop efforts, led me to the conclusion that perhaps the top set of lights was too old-fashioned, but the bottom set was way too tall-- I even had to lower them in the photo so they fit on screen, and they still looked too tall. However, I think all liked the vertical lines. I'm still back and forth.

But maybe these are a sort of compromise:Sorry-- I didn't even begin to have the patience to get the perspective right on that cabinet. And we'll hang a towel bar from the bottom of it...That's the plan, anyway.


Nate said...

Exactly my thoughts about the second set you originally posted. These new ones work better with the scale of the space. I really like them!

Bungalow Monster said...

This makes me smile... your photoshop work. It sure beats squinting and holding up a torn out magazine page. Good goin!