Friday, January 25, 2008

And the tiling begins

Well, it technically begins tomorrow. Tonight, we have to brave the mountains-- bridges, tunnels and overpasses-- and the forecast of wintry mix (it's like party mix, but with ice...and it makes me angry) to get to the house so we can complete our hardibacker installation and begin tiling. At least we apparently have more than twice the necessary amount of granite (partly due to our own overage calculations, since we're bound to screw up, and partially due to a mixup elsewhere that resulted in our favor ;-) ), so we've got a ton of room for the inevitable problems. And then leftovers for an island.

I've reserved the tile saw from our rental place and I'm ready to do this thing. Hopefully this weekend will be more productive than the last.

Either way, thank god it's Friday...

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Jennifer said...

Have fun with that granite!