Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Saga of Shellac

We were so hell bent on shellac for the floors. And they really were gorgeous, were they not?

Five years of 5 big dogs and a bunch of clumsy people has taken its toll on them. Nothing horrible, just wear and tear. 

(Can you guess where the bed was?)

As you can see, there's still all that rich heart, but the luster is gone. So since we've worn some of the poly down to shellac, we decided we'd do best to put down a coat of dewaxed SealCoat as a bonding agent (remember, most shellac has wax in it, and poly and wax do not get along). However now, no one carries SealCoat anymore. Like no one. It has to be ordered online. And the online reviews all complain about this, so it's not an Arkansas problem. Adam's response was, "So what the hell are people supposed to do?"

Not do the ridiculous shit we did in the first place.

Regardless, I ordered 6 quarts of it on Amazon. It was supposed to arrive today, but was damaged in shipping, so we'll see when it gets here.

And then I'm thinking three (?) coats of water-based poly. Maybe Varathane's heavy traffic version.

If only we could have just done this like everyone else...


Donna said...

You will find after 5 year the poly will be just as bad. I try cleaning and paste waxing the floor.

Amalie said...

Yeah, this is 5years after a coat of amber shellac, a coat of sealcoat and 2 coats of poly. We will be renting, and allowing pets, so we are probably going to do poly again. An imperfect science. :)