Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The big push

This week is really this summer's big push on the house.

We've managed to make a lot of headway, but there is more to do...

Adam put in more of the base shoe. I finished the floors. Actually, I have one or two more coats of poly left to go on the kitchen, but that shouldn't take long. 

I put 3 coats of poly on the kitchen cabinets. And then theses came today. Oooooooh...

They'll get a few coats of poly and maybe some hardware. Haven't decided yet if they need knobs or not. For the drawer fronts, I'm currently just sanding and poly-ing them, but they may need replacing as well on down the line

I spent a good part of Saturday painting trim on the front of the house. I got started on the white/ivory and I think you can already see an improvement. 

I also painted a few more backsplash panels to complete that side of the kitchen. 

Garage roof repair happened today; hopefully garage window repair will happen tomorrow.

We have been very, very busy. 

It's been interesting to fall in love with the house all over again. The renters are moving in things while we finish up, and I thought it might be weird, but I really am enjoying seeing their curtains and furniture and hear their ideas. I truly do think houses have their own lives and it's nice seeing this one getting some new attention from this next phase in its existence.