Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sleep to dream

I know I've mentioned my anxiety dreams. They usually involved whatever project we were in the midst of, and they've mostly died down since we got the new mattress.

But last night I dreamed someone stole our fence. On one side, the whole thing was gone. On the side we built, someone simply took the panels and left the posts and cross pieces. That's my second fence dream, the last one involving 10 foot reciprocating saws and claims byt he neighbors that the fence belonged to them.

What's my subconscious obsession with the fence?!?


fred said...

Nothing like losing sleep to home improvement... I dreamed a while ago that our blog totally disappeared and we couldn't get it back-what a nightmare.

Jennifer said...

I have dreamsthat trees land on our house, or that walls fall down... lately I've had dreams about scary things living in brick cavity walls.

Green Fairy said...

I dreamed that the previous owners let their cats use the crawlspace as a litter box--oh wait, that really did happen. (I'll have to blog about it at some point.)

Seriously, I do have horrible dreams about the house sometimes; usually, they involve the current project, and how the house is going to fall down because I did it wrong.