Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A day late and a dollar short...

I've been a bit behind this week, what with work and all. It seems that I've failed to report on something important.

Yesterday marked one year since we closed on the house. Of course we're not anywhere near where I naively thought we would be by this point, but knowing what I know now, I think we've done pretty well for ourselves.

  • Rewired the house
  • Added CH/A, including the ductwork
  • Built 2 fences
  • Took the kitchen down to studs, including 7 layers of stubborn flooring and plaster out the wazoo
  • Drywalled said kitchen and installed cabinets
  • Installed new granite counters and tin backsplash
  • Added all new appliances
  • Refinished the floors and began new base shoe
  • Painted 5 rooms so far
  • Started work on the screen porch-- new coat of paint and the beginnings of a new ceiling
  • Got a new roof
  • Sealed the gaping holes in the floors that lead to the outside world
  • Built trap doors to attic and crawl space
  • And did all the other sundry crap that goes along with these things-- tested out 18 different methods for doing each project, fixed all the mistakes we made as we went, made a minimum of 4 trips to the hardware store for each project, and added some of the decorative details like new light fixtures and repurposed furniture
Doesn't seem like quite enough until I remember that we learned everything as we went along-- and for months it was a weekends-only event; then once we moved in, we had to keep up with all the other things that go along with, you know, actually living somewhere-- leaks and yards and feeding ourselves. Not to mention the fact that we fought with the city for a while, and only hired out the AC and the electrical (oh yeah, forgot about the roof. hired out the roof, too)-- and we even helped with some of the electrical to speed things along. We did most of this by ourselves.

I think we've come a long way, learned a lot, and I'm pleased to say that we have a shit ton left to do.

There's painting the interior trim, and screening the porch, and painting the house, and replacing the window AC with an actual window, and repairing the hail-damaged ceilings and carport, and finishing the kitchen trim, and lining the chimney, and unpacking, and...


Kristy said...

Isn't this what DIY and homeownership is all about. Recounting your achievements and not-so-great moments...which of course we learn from.

Congrats on 1 year, mine is coming up soon too.

Melinda said...

Wow! You guys have done a lot in just one year. You should be very proud and celebrate with a drink (or two)...if nothing else it makes you forget about all you have left to do.I totally empathize with you in the fact that you thought you would be further along. It seems like everytime you get one thing close to done, something else breaks and sets you back another couple of projects (and few hundred/thousand bucks).

Green Fairy said...

Oh my, I'm feeling completely inadequate. That's a lot for one year. We closed in December and we haven't accomplished anywhere near that much.

Congrats! I agree with Melinda, you should definitely be celebrating.

B. Williams said...

You know, sometimes I try to recount all that we have done, because it's easy to forget some of the little things. But hey, that is what the blog is for right?

It seems so long ago since we started that sometimes I go back and read my own entries, and my wife and I have a chuckle, and say things like "Geesh, how did we ever make it through that?"

Why S? said...

Holy cow, you've done a lot in one year. We're approaching year 6 and it's been a long, slow slog. Good for you. You should be done any day now!

A. said...

You should be extremely proud of what you've accomplished in year - it took us that long to do just our kitchen in our old house. Very inspiring.

Jen & Stan said...

Hello and might I add to the praise - That list is terrific! I hope we come close to getting that much done after a single year. With our baby due before our first anniversary here I will stay realistic but our 2nd year better be a record year!

C&C said...

Wow, talk about progress, you guys have been BUSY! The porch is looking great too - congrats!