Monday, November 30, 2009

Washing machine heaven

That's right. All I have to report in house-related news is our great pleasure in using a set of fully functional appliances. It wasn't without hassle, but it's all worked out in the end.

Last time I checked in, we had bought a closeout LG washer and dryer set for $700. They had to be ordered and were to arrive on Thursday. I waited until after the Friday shopping craze to call. Saturday morning, this is how the conversation went:

"Hi, I ordered a washer and dryer and want to know if they are ready for pick up..."

"What's your name?...Oh. The LG front-loaders. [Long silence...] Just a minute. [Long Wait...] Ok, ma'am? There's been a massive mistake. We oversold those machines. We sold WAY too many. There aren't any more in the store or in the warehouse...We can't order more. There are no more. You can bring in your receipt for a refund or get another set."

"For the same price?"

"No, you'd pay the difference."

Seriously, Best Buy? I calmly (well, mostly calmly) explained to the poor customer service rep that I had skipped out on the good Black Friday sales because I had already bought these and now I was going to be out more money because they screwed up and that was really not ok. He got a manager and I was promptly informed that I could come back in the store and pick out a new set for the same price.

We went in and while we weren't given the option of picking out another set (that would have been ridiculous-- I'll tell you right now I'd have opted for steam!), we were given the nearly identical set that is replacing the closeout model we had ordered. The machines were in stock and we started our washing marathon yesterday.

It's wonderful. A little vibration, no air hammering, and no walking so far-- and that's on the high and extra high spin speeds. I love it. LOVE IT. I watched the first cycle and I took a shower while one was running without losing pressure. Most of all, I'm completely smitten with little song they play when they're done.


Dave said...

Sounds good! Our washer walks miles each week I think. Did you get the new HE type washer? -

Amalie said...

Yep-- they use so little detergent. Our old washer walked all over the room and scared the crap out of the animals. But in truth, I'm not sure we ever leveled it after we moved. Regardless, the old machine's instrument panel was no longer attached and fell behind the machine on a daily basis and the dial stayed permanently pulled out, so you couldn't use the knob, which meant the kiddo couldn't do her own laundry.

Yay for new appliances!

Monica said...

So glad you're enjoying the new mechanicals!!!! Congrats! in NC I get Charlie's Soap at Whole Foods. You might want to check the Charlie's Soap website and see who carries it locally for you...and if its not available locally, you can order it direct.

Jennifer said...

@Well, I'm glad they took care of you! I love our front loader... sol lttle detergent, so little water, so clean clothes!

Green Fairy said...

It is amazing how much pleasure a new washing machine can provide. We love our HE front loaders. Of course, they make the rest of the basement laundry room look pretty shabby. ;-)

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