Monday, November 2, 2009

Night of the ADULT Trick-Or-Treaters

Happy Halloween, folks.

Not much has been happening in the blog because not much has been happening at the house that doesn't involve our various animals.

Simon, our 14 year old fluffy little lamb dog, appears to perhaps have doggie Alzheimer's, so we're keeping an eye on that, adjusting his diet, and trying to do mind-stimulating things with him. River was supposed to begin obedience classes last week, but the trainer had to postpone them; in the meantime, we're trying to get a little ahead of the game. Since there's only 3 dogs in the class I figure the faster we can make this go, the more we can learn for our money. We're also spending a lot of time at the dog park. Fort Smith has a 40 acre dog park with ponds and brush and pastures. It's great. My mother, also had animal trials and tribulations, managing to get 2 feral kittens hiding out in her house, and every time she caught them and tried to put them in either the bathroom or a kennel, they escaped. She finally got them out of the house and out to a friend's house in the country. They were really old kittens and really feral, but we were going to try to socialize them and get them fixed; unfortunately, they were proving more than a handful. Hopefully, they will have a great time catching barn mice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

We did a little Halloween fun stuff. Pumpkins:

And skeletons:

And passed out candy to about 300 trick-or-treaters. Then a funny thing happened. Adults trick-or-treated. Grown ass women. Women old enough to collect social security. Women NOT EVEN IN COSTUME, wearing their sweatshirts and jeans, carrying sacks and getting candy. WTF. We were so gobsmacked that we gave them candy, but we were truly baffled.

At any rate, we now have to have to have to focus on the house. We can't finish up the insurance claim from the hailstorm until we plug the hole in the living room ceiling and paint the damn house. It might be getting too cold to paint, but we can at least tuck point. And really, we're in the south-- it's still 75 degrees some days, so I figure that if Thanksgiving weekend is a warm one, we might have to get some painting done anyway.

We only have until April.


Iris said...

Wow! 300 trick-or-treaters?? And a bunch of grown, non-costumed women? I guess Austin's not the only place that's weird! We only had two trick-or-treaters. Love your pumpkins and skeleton lights! Good luck with the repairs and the dog issues.

Amalie said...

Yep, something like that...275-300. We lost track after we ate some of the candy!

Fort Smith has a lot of areas without sidewalks, and I think a lot of parents are wary about where their kids collect candy. Since we're an historic district with good sidewalks and a very active neighborhood association, parents literally bus in the kids-- they park in a big lot at one end and it's several hours of non-stop candy doling for us! Last year, I drank a bottle of wine along with the candy; this year, we got some good beer for the occasion :-) and just made a night out of it!

sarah said...

We do the same thing - similar neighborhood with kids from all over. We definitely got more than 250 this year (more than last year) - and we had to shut the lights before it was over because we ran out! Usually we have friends over for a porch party and get pizza and beer - which makes it fun.