Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday resting

I've never EVER stood in line for a Black Friday deal. This is partly due to never caring enough about what was on sale, and partly to the fact that I've had to work retail on that day more times than I ever cared to, and have absolutely no desire to be a part of inflicting that much headache on fellow retailers. Its a shitty day to work.

But truth be told, we NEED a new washer. We need one BADLY. And the dryer is starting to make a suspicious squeaking noise.

We have been looking, and looking, and looking...and now it is mega-sale time.

I've been keeping my eye on the Friday sale ads as they've been leaked. First we saw that Sears had a set of Kenmore front load washer/dryers for $500, and these new appliances started to look like a worthwhile proposition. Then I read the reviews. Not good. So we started considering the Samsung set for $1000. Excellent reviews, and probably worth the money, considering a bargain basement top loader and dryer would cost us $600+. Then the Home Depot ad was leaked; LG set for $800. Sold. I was more than willing to get up at 4am for these, especially since my local McDonald's has 24 hour drive-thru. Sue me-- I love their coffee. And yes I used to work at Starbucks and am usually a coffee snob. But I love the Micky D's plain ole coffee.

Anyway, at my in-laws yesterday for an early Thanksgiving get together, we were perusing the paper and saw that Best Buy was trying to offload their warehouse stock of LG washers and dryers before Thanksgiving. We were also informed that my sister-in-law has a Consumer Reports subscription allowing us to check out everything first. The model on sale was recently replaced with a redesign nearly identical in features at a slightly lower price point. It looked like BBY needed the space. And this model is a Consumer Reports recommended washer. They were selling these for half price. HALF PRICE. A washer and dryer for $700.

The LG DLE2516W and the LG WM2016CW.

So we bought 'em. We should get them next weekend. I let them know, too, that I've worked for Best Buy, which generally keeps them from harassing me about extra warranties and financing.

And now we get to rest on Black Friday.

I'm a little apprehensive, though. I've never had front-loaders and have heard some walking-washer horror stories on these old floors. One of the reasons I was partial to the LGs was that they have some lower spin speeds that I've heard help in older homes. And I'd like to side vent this dryer and eventually stack them. But right now, I'll just be happy to get them inside the house.

Anyone have any experience with front loaders in old home or with LGs in particular?


Karen in Wichita said...

We've got a front loader, but it's down in the basement on cement. (We didn't buy a matching dryer, because the one that matched was more than the washer. Wait, a washer that uses so little water and spins most of that out by itself, and you want half again as much for a dryer that has to hardly do anything? No.)

So the walking isn't a problem (you do want to re-balance them now and then if they need it; ours hasn't so far), but its valves are apparently way more efficient/abrupt than the old washer's, and I think we're gonna hafta put a water hammer arrestor on the thing.

I'm not sure if that's a regular occurrence with HE washers, or just our particular installation, though.

Jennifer said...

Score! I love my front loader... it does walk a little, but we have it on an uneven floor. It always stops at a certain point!

Amalie said...

Thanks, Karen-- I've heard about the water hammer problem, and anticipate that we'll have to do the same thing. We probably could have gotten away with keeping our dryer for a while, but this one was also half price and cost the same as the washer ($350), and as the sales guy put it, it's sort of like getting the dryer free. We'll see how it goes!

Amalie said...

Thanks Jennifer-- our floor is uneven, but I'm hoping that really solid leveling will help. I just don't want it walking out the door!

Monica said...


I've had a front loader on an enclosed back porch (ie, the floor slopes away from the house)for almost 3 1/2 years and couldn't be happier. No water hammer, no walking. BTW, the house is 85 years old. In addition, since I started using my front loader, my water consumption has decreased by 2/3! Yes, a decrease of 66%! Awesome! In addition, if you can find it there, try using Charlie's Soap in the new washer. Low suds, NO residue, no fragrance and you only use 1 tablespoon of detergent per load.

Enjoy the new appliances!

Amalie said...

So far, I'm having the same experience, Monica-- and I'll keep my eye out for that detergent. I've been most shocked that I can take a shower while it's running! It uses so little water!