Thursday, June 25, 2009

Salsa time

Assuming the veggies keep it up, I'm going to have fresh salsa soon!

I finally got back from about 10 days in Daytona Beach scoring AP exams again. It was the last year in Daytona, and I do hope I'm invited back next year; it moves to Louisville, KY, which is a place I've never been. It looks like a lot of fun.

On my return, I saw that Adam had begun screening the porch. Seeing as how I didn't notice it until practically putting my hand through the screen, I don't think it's worth a picture at this point.

The plants are also positively thriving. For many of you, this seems like no kind of news. But I've killed everything I ever potted, and last year our tomato situation was embarrassing. But now, it's like I've been given a whole new green thumb! Coleus before:

Coleus now:

So bushy and fluffy and lovely!

And the veggies before:

And veggies now:

Time to thin out the surrounding cannas again, and start staking things-- I think I'm going to stake the peppers out to the side so there's a little more light getting to the tomatoes in the back...

Still, the tomatoes have little baby tomatoes starting and lots of blossoms, the jalapenos are growing,

And so are the eggplants.

I'm past due for fertilizer and copper fungus spray, but hopefully I can get a good little crop if I keep it up.

Watch. Now I've just jinxed myself ;-)


Jenn said...

Louisville is a nice place -- I grew up in Lexington, KY's other "big" city (hah, that's a relative term...). I love your blog - glad you've checked out mine! Keep up the good work! :)

Amalie said...

Thanks! This was our first house, too, and we've just plodded through. I'm excited to see yours as it comes along and you get it the way you want it! Keeping the blog has been surprisingly helpful in recreating things we've done and in helping a friend of ours work on his house-- he just did his floors and we were able to look back and see what we did and what we shouldn't have done!!

At any rate, two years in and we still have quite a ways to go...