Saturday, June 27, 2009

Color and light

So beautiful.

Anyway, we got our office light up. We bought it a year and a half ago or something like that and it took us this long to get it on the ceiling.

And then I started testing a sample color-- Martha Stewart Valspar Picnic Table. It's hard to see on the computer...

In this shot you can see the very dirty unpainted brick chimney:

We're sampling on the back side of the porch so we can take our time. Up against the unpainted brick, it doesn't look real without the grout lines, but honestly I think I'm ok with that. I think I like the color anyway:

It looks a little off on my computer screen-- too pink or dusty or something-- but it looks pretty good in person. I dunno. Maybe I'll try a couple more colors, something a little browner; I've even considered sponging something just a half step browner very lightly over this. At any rate, I think painting the body of the house a dark color will make the trim stand out, and that's really the best detail of the exterior.

We're getting there.


sarah said...

Nice! When I faux-bricked our painted fireplace, I did dab on some dark stain to antique the bricks a bit - plus a traced along the grout lines with a Q-tip while the red paint was wet, which made them re-appear and fakes everyone out.

Amalie said...

Thanks-- I think I may do something similar. Looking at it this morning, it's too light/red, so I'm going to keep looking for something the same color but darker. If I can't find anything, I'm satisfied with this. The first coat went on pretty lightly; I'm thinking about putting on one thorough coat and then using the second coat to only coat the brick surface-- that way the mortar remains somewhat lighter, but not white like it is now!