Monday, June 29, 2009

Color by numbers

...or by brand name.

I found a few swatches that looked more "brick-y" and I was planning to try them out this week; but they're from Home Depot, and I hear nothing but awful, awful things about Behr paints. I'm stopping by BenMoore on the way home, and will try to pop into SherwinWilliams if they're still open by the time I pass them en route; I will likely also revisit Pittsburgh and Kelly, but if I can't find a match...?? Does anyone have anything good to say about Behr? I know they have fancy computers and everything, but I still do not trust color match systems, especially if we were to need more at a later date.

I was really pleased with our Valspar experiences, and not so much with our cheap-end SW experience. I'd have to go to the pricey end. And since we are covering up WHITE (not beige-- WHITE), we're going to need 2 coats of whatever-- at least. Such a dark red may require 3.


All I know is that I want to hurry up and get to tuckpointing so it can cure and we can move on this paint job. And then we can tell the bank we are 90% complete with the insurance claim and get the rest of the moolah. :-)


Jennifer said...

Paint is hard! I can never get it right.

I do think it's important to take your time and find the right paint. We've had good luck with Behr inside... but never tried it in exterior paint.

Iris said...

Hi Amalie,

Last August, I had a hard time finding good comparison info on the web about exterior paint brands, so here's my two cents' worth.

Our recent exterior house carpentry repair and paint took almost six months, and our house is the original 1941 wood siding with some new smooth Hardiplank (that replaced some of the totally rotted siding).

I probably bought ten quarts of various shades of paint before deciding on the final color. We used Benjamin Moore and are quite pleased. Not sure of their reputation for brick, but the oil-based Ben Moore used on our stucco skirting seems great so far.

All that said, the guy who will be making our wooden window screens always uses a 35-year Sherwin Williams.

I asked around allot during our project, and it seems like those two brands are considered the best.

(You can see our results on my blog if you go to the "1941 house" tag.)

Cheers, and good luck! I think the dark red is beautiful!

Amalie said...

Thanks for the input Jennifer-- it makes me feel better knowing that it'll be good if I can't find a proper match!

Iris-- That seems to be the consensus I'm finding. I used bargain-basement SW on our dining room and found it to be watery and streaky, but I guess it shows that you get what you pay for! I'll be using top of the line for this, I guess; the last thing I need is for the exterior to flake off or fade after we spend all this time choosing a color and painting the damn thing.

I think the dark red just looks so appropriate-- like it belongs!

Kristin and Rob said...

We just painted our foundation and redid the porch with Valspar...really good coverage (our foundation is sort of a cinderblock, I guess)for a rough, textured surface (check my blog for pics). Our porch has been a total pain in the rear (wish it was never painted in the first place), but the Valspar covered nicely. Good luck!

Jenn said...

What have you heard about Behr? We're waiting a while to paint our interior - and we're probably going to use something high end in there just for all the usual reasons. However we bought some Behr ("brilliant white" or something stupid, to me all exterior whites if you're just going for white and not an off white are comparable - or I guess maybe I'm lazy, who knows!) to re-paint our concrete steps and the trim on our porch that we're restoring. Now you've got me worried!

Amalie said...

Oh, I've just seen a lot of threads like this:

Mostly these are professional painters, who probably have a much more sophisticated eye and feel for the way it's supposed to look and go on-- goodness knows I probably wouldn't know the difference. And apparently the average DIYer likes it-- also, I see that Jennifer has had good luck with it. Sometimes the pros can be too nit-picky!

Also, I don't think I'd worry much about that amount-- we bought whatever was on the shelf at Lowe's for our exterior white porch trim and it was fine. I think I'm freaking out because we are painting the WHOLE HOUSE and going from brilliant white, to burgundy red. I'm terrified of it fading to purple in a year, flaking off, not covering well and requiring a thousand gallons, being too difficult to work with (it's going on textured brick, after all), and so

I'm probably overly worried. Sorry to worry you too!