Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sitting here waiting

Waiting for the storms to arrive. Three weeks-- four weeks?-- of this shit has completely sucked the life out of me.

Update?: They're here.


Iris said...

But how are your new flower beds holding up? I thought they were looking great!

I know the grass is always greener... It was 96 here in Austin today, a high normal for late July, not mid-May. Ugh. And no real rain for ages.

Amalie said...

Thanks-- I've been afraid that the plants would be getting water-logged, but they seem to be coming right along. I've got some seed in the ground; they haven't had enough sun to do much yet...

I would kill for 96. I adore the heat-- I'll even suffer the humidity. But I know that later this summer, when we haven't had rain for 2 months, I'll be singing a different tune!

Stupid Arkansas weather.

Kristin and Rob said...

We have been getting a lot of rain in Pittsburgh as well. It is totally ridiculous. When I woke up today, it was sunny, so I went outside and got some planting done...before on and off thunderstorms plagued the rest of the day. ENOUGH!! :( I feel your pain!!