Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

Maybe I'll change my mind in July when we'll have had 6 weeks without a drop, but I'm ready for drier weather. I can't stand this.

On the good side, I think the hostas that I planted last weekend have gotten bigger, and the one that I split is doing equally well as two new plants...I've never split them before, so I was prepared to be disappointed. But so far so good. the rain also meant I didn't have to deal with the basil and tomatoes that are already planted...

What it did mean, however, were tornadoes and mud holes and thinset. See, Cake played here Friday night. While killing time at the mall waiting for friends, I heard that the news was reporting a tornado headed straight for the mall. The amphitheater was evacuated and everyone wandered around a little dazed and scared, looking for the storm shelters in the building until the folks at JC Penney announced we were in the clear. Luckily, we had covered seats for the show; still, I realized I am too old for concerts. When everyone piled in to get out of the rain, I got increasingly frustrated with inconsiderate folks knocking my lovely and pregnant friend over. A couple of guys were just being assholes and I wanted to tell them they didn't PAY to stand there; I, on the other hand, PAID for my seats.

I really, really would have hated me when I was 19. Then again, I wouldn't have been knocking over the pregnant girls.

Then it stormed, off and on, all day Saturday. The valium seemed to take some of the edge off the dog's anxiety, but when we tried to run a few errands between storms, we were too late getting home and he had torn into a bag of mortar mix. So I am on poop watch yet again. So far so good, but the whole thing makes me nervous. Also, a couple of the holes he had dug the day before became horrible, muddy sinkholes.

The good news, though, is that we got to try the anxiety T Touch wrap. I put it on him late at night, took him into Adam's office and told Adam that he could take the wrap off in a few minutes, it might be too tight, and I was going back to bed. A couple of hours later, Adam told me the dog had been asleep. Well, then he got worked up, digging. We took a walk; we stayed on the leash in the house. Then I checked the wrap and saw it was loose. I redid it, and there was no change. Then I redid it TIGHTER. And he laid down. I woke up 10 minutes later with his leash in my hand and him asleep by the bed.


We'll see if this continues. Of course, there's more storms in the forecast for the next week. I'll have ample opportunity.

If only it would clear up, I could get the garden done. While the dog and I took a walk for Poop Watch 2 Electric Boogaloo (Poop Watch 1 was the ribs ingesting incident), we looked at other bungalow landscaping. I think we're just going to edge with monkey grass, and do big huge planters of coleus, caladiums and flowers. Or maybe just do small ones this year. Last week killed my shoulder, and we'd have to do it every year, anyway. So planters it is!

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