Monday, May 18, 2009

Bee You Tea Full

Seriously. Beautiful, gorgeous, sunny, pleasant... for most of the weekend. Love.

Friday night was a bit of a stormer. But I gave Simon his meds in time, wrapped him in his anxiety belt, put toddler boots on his feet, and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, he was asleep on his bed next to ours. The vet and I talked about trying to not so much ignore him, as minimize incidents where I need to be on him all night, telling him no, or otherwise overloading him. Toddler socks it is.

Saturday was a little drizzly early on, but we got to clean house all day and then grill out. I've been trying to figure out the best thing to mop our floors with now that I've decided Wet Swiffers are a waste. Not only are they literally wasteful, but they seem to just push the dirt around into a fine haze over everything. And then I was going to use ammonia, which, while not exactly a friendly cleaner, at least leaves things streak free; however, that will strip shellac if there are any scratches that let it in. And then I thought I'd use vinegar, but that's not very pleasant to the nose.

So in the end, I bought a bottle of Method's Wood for Good and a 2-pack of microfiber kitchen towels. I put the kitchen towels on the Swiffer sweeper part, and went to town. Let me tell you, that Method almond scent is heavenly-- not too overpowering and as a bonus, smells edible-- like I'd just opened a box of marzipan. Yum. And there's no bucket necessary. It's no good for getting rid of anything caked on or tough, but it generally does the trick for everyday traffic.

Sunday was as a matter of true fact gorgeous. So we tried to get the last of our herbs and veggies, but Lowe's selection was a little bit meh. I then tried to buy some coleus and caladiums for a couple of planters; the coleus were in trays with a BIG sign that said "Assorted 1-Gallon Perennials, $2.50." Now, I do realize that coleus are annuals, but these were literally the only plant near the sign, and there were a lot, not just a few misplaced stragglers. Of course, however, they rang upa t the full $5. When I took the worker to see the sign, she just pointed at the word perennials, impatiently said "Those are annuals," and walked off. Screw that.

This is what I get for being too impatient to wait and go to the local nursery-- where they are NICE, have better plants, and where I have a gift certificate anyway. The price isn't that much different. I worked in retail, I know how thing get mislabeled-- I was a customer service rep for a big box retailer for years. I know how these things happen. But I always tried to make it right, and at the very least I was pleasant, even when a customer was unreasonable. My favorite was a woman who felt she deserved a refund, but she didn't and the company wouldn't give it to her. I called the manager over and he proceeded to ask me if I had a dollar in my pocket (this was the quantity in dispute, I kid you not). I did, and she took my dollar (again, I am not kidding) and walked off. The manager made it up to me, but things like that have given me ZERO patience with rude customer service people. I've been there. And I've sucked. It. Up.

At any rate, word on the street is nice weather for a few days. With my luck, it'll storm here just until I leave for Florida (during hurricane season, of course), where it will promptly storm on me every day.

At least I'll be at the beach. Reading AP exams, but definitely at the beach.

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