Friday, August 15, 2008

Wino Friday

...and a little kitty eye candy to start with.

So. The wine. In the summertime, I want beer or white wine (no, not pink wine. white wine.). I'm off beer right now, but it's been rainy and dreary and mild enough lately that I'm moving along to the red stuff. A nice glass on the porch is hard to beat.

Yesterday, I was killing some time in Target and came across this hanging wine rack:

It was only $6 on one of the endcap clearance racks, so I'm giving it a try. There's a third wire piece that you can attach, so it'll hold up to 6 bottles. Do I like it? I don't know. Six bottles hang a little low, but the top bottles are a little hard to reach. I'll try it out. The hooks were already in the ceiling, so no extra effort required. However, I'll want to make sure that they're tied into ceiling beams and not just sheetrock; those bottles carry a lot of weight!

More high hopes for weekend advancement-- and yet more forecast of rain. Sigh. We need it. The dogwood needs it. The grass needs it. The long ass list of shit that needs to be done to the outside of my house patently does NOT need it.

And my favorite liquor store appears to be out of business or otherwise closed for some undisclosed reason. Things are not shaping up quite the way I want them. Oh well. There's always unpacking!

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Melinda said...

White zin is the best during the summer; but I also enjoy a Smirnoff Ice on occassion too...can't do beer at all. Love the wine rack!

Our roof was to get underway this coming week but we too have a week of forecasted no roof for us.