Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to the grind

The weekend is over and I'm sorry to see it go. You already know how I spent most of my day yesterday; add to that mowing the grass and cleaning front and back porches. Once I got the porch set up, you were hard pressed to get me off of it if unless there were tasty things like grilled burgers involved (there were indeed eventually burgers and beers to lure me away; in fact, Adam and his friend had a burger-off. Both were so good, I really couldn't choose a winner). And at cooler times in the day, some other outside lovers relaxed in the shade, too--

The kitty's name is actually Kiara, but my mother's neighbor dubbed her Sneaky when he kept finding her slinking out of his work shed. She and Simon like to lay together-- not too close, mind you, it's hot. In the wintertime, though, they will gladly snuggle up.

And I mentioned that Adam put the French doors back in their rightful location.

If nothing else, they hide the mess behind them.

That and the usual cleaning up and catching up from the rest of the week pretty much covers it. Kids' birthday parties and helping someone else pack up to move took up the rest of the time. Really, though, I can't complain.


Green Fairy said...

I've always liked French doors. I'd like to find a way to work them into our general remodel, but nobody else at my place really loves them as much. *Sigh*

Dawn said...