Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer showers

The forecast predicted rain for yesterday through today. It looked like it was supposed to start late in the evening, so I decide to test a paint color after lunch.

We slapped it up there and it looked awful-- we wondered if it was even the right color. But as it began to dry, it improved, so we decided to let it dry more and put on a second coat before making a judgment. About 30 minutes later, it started to blow and storm and dump buckets of rain...and wash away some of the still wet paint.

After a little while, I checked the weather and, again, it looked like it would be a couple of hours before more rain, so I went to put a second coat on what was left (which was significant, actually). About 10 minutes after I finished, round 2 of our mid-summer storm popped in and washed a lot of it away, too. But the coverage of each coat seemed great, although the paint itself was runnier than the Valspar.

Today has been just humid and wet, but not rainy. After a day and a half of being cooped up, puppy and I went to check on the now dry paint.

Well, I think it looks great.

You can see the sad bleed... And here it is with the real brick in the background:

This second pic shows how it's a bit more purple than it appears in the other one; it looks pretty similar to the lighter brick. The thing is, real brick is so variable that I know we'll never actually get a match. But that color looks pretty good on its own.

I'm thinking it's ok.


Debbie said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog today after doing a search on 'old houses'.

I am placing a bid on a house built in 1901. Soooo, I'm trying to read all the DIY type blogs I can find! Your blog will be very useful when it comes to redoing my HUGE hardwood floor! I have been doing lots of googling on the matter, but it helps to see photos.

Thanks for sharing your blog. Wish me luck, I place my bid on Tuesday!

Amalie said...

I'm glad it's useful-- I had the very same problem when we bought our place: very few pictures and very few broken down costs. So for that reason, we went a little overboard on the details ;-) was the best thing ever!

Good luck-- let us know how it turns out!!! I do hope you blog about it so the rest of houseblog-land can ogle your old home...

Debbie said...

Ooops... I meant built in 1908, 101 years old.

I will definitely blog my progress. I asked my realtor if I can have another walk through on Wednesday, with camera in hand. You will think it's just as amazing as me... and a steal at that. Last week it was listed at $154,000. It dropped down to 149,000 already! I am going to bid at that, since I keep seeing people park in the driveway to check it out. I will NOT be outbid! lol

I will check out that site for sure!

Amalie said...

Sounds like a steal! Ours was a HUD foreclosure, too, and we bid over the asking-- there were other people looking at it and the house next door had been a HUD and had gone for over the asking. Then we found out that we were the only bidders ;-) Oh well-- it didn't matter. We would have paid even more and still felt like it was a steal at that. And it was worth the peace of mind to feel like we wouldn't be outbid.

When you get to floors, feel free to ask if you have questions-- I don't know if we could answer them best, but we might have encountered the same problem!

And btw-- I love our porch...but WOW. The porch on that place is to die for!

Jennifer said...

That's a great color match. Did you post the color number yet? I might like to try that for some of our outbuilding painting.

Amalie said...

Hi Jennifer-- I just put the number in the next post, but here it is again: Pittsburgh Paints 430-7!