Tuesday, July 14, 2009


First I want to mention, by request, the number of the most recent paint sample. The post just before this one shows Pittsburgh Paints Warm Mahogany, number 430-7. I go back and forth about whether it is too red, too brown, too bright. But somehow I think it's probably just right. Mind, if any of you are trying it out, don't be too alarmed by the baby shit brown color that it is when wet. Yikes.

So. Our latest casualty is one of our red bud trees. I was going to hang our hammock on it. At about midnight last night, I took the dog out to do his business. While we were walking around the yard, I started thinking that the yard was a little wilder and shaggier than I thought-- I mean, it definitely needs a mow, but this was out of hand. Unfortunately, it needs more than a trim.

I'm not sure I even understand how or when this happened. That tree was living, so I guess it just got too heavy. There weren't any major storms yesterday. At least it was that side of the tree and not the side that sits next to the electrical lines.

Guess I know what we'll be doing over the next few days.


Jennifer said...

Poor tree! Are you going to take down the whole tree, or just the branch that broke off?

Amalie said...

I was just going to take that part of the tree down, but after closer inspection, we saw a lot of deterioration where the tree broke-- from bugs or rot or something. Since that tree is so close to a power line and we have the animals in the back yard, I'm considering having it taken down completely. It makes me pretty sad, to be honest.

Jenn said...

Uh oh! As you can tell from our bush problem, we have a lot of overgrown/unkempt flora - the next thing we need to do is cut down some trees which are pushing onto the garage :/ $$$

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