Saturday, December 29, 2007

Polyed ourselves out the door...

Yeah, there's some flaws...ours, the PO's...the PPO's...but I'm pretty in love with them anyway.

That's one coat of 2# amber shellac, one coat of the Zinsser SealCoat shellac (a 2# ultra blond dewaxed) and one coat of water-based Varathane clear satin poly.

We got up on Friday and went shopping to get all our supplies for this...and found that no one in town carries shellac by the gallon. At one point I tried our Pittsburg Paint dealer, and he looked at me like maybe I was little stupid and tried to sell me poly. He even spoke extra sslowly so I'd understand that people have moved away from it and did I know that it yellows really fast.

Anyway, we bought all the quarts on the shelf and it was plenty. And Lowes is doing some deal where you get a $10 off coupon every time you spend $50. So it's worked out to cost about the same as buying by the gallon in the end. Once we've got another coat or two of poly on, I'll feel a little more confident in something like success and I'll tally up my grand total.

It feels good so far.


Sandy said...

Such a warm glow to the floors. VERY nice! Happy New Year!

We are in said...

Wow, look at that! How long do they have to dry before you can move back in?

Amalie said...


We're still trying to move in the first time...

One more coat of poly to go...Then, since it's water-based, it seems to dry really quickly. Only a day is absolutely required, I think, but we'll give it a few for good measure.

We are in said...

Amalie, I'm an idiot sometimes. I forgot that you haven't actually moved in yet.

I wish we could have had done some of our work before moving in. I tell myself it would have gone quicker - or at least more efficiently.

I read back to some of your first posts. We did the 100 amp to 200 amp upgrade too. We had to have the knob and tube wiring disconnected and redone so we could get house insurance. All together the new electrical service and wiring was $7000, but we have "balloon framing" that I think that helped with the cost.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit Bat Man!! Those look fantastic!!!
We;re planning on ripping out our carpet throught the entire house as we have wood underneath. I know thery are going to need some work. Your experiences will be extremely helpful!!

Anonymous said...

oops, throughout.
Spell Check, Hairy. Spell Check! :-)

Amalie said...

It's nice to hear-- it's probably the project we've spent the most time on, unless the entire kitchen is itself one project.

At any rate, while we were learning, we didn't see a lot of information on dealing with "problem" floors or cost breakdowns-- so we figured we'd put that info out there for the next poor souls doing their floors via Google to see what not to do!