Thursday, December 27, 2007

The continued rental saga.

My previous post from last weekend details the first few days of our equipment rental epic.

Well, this weekend we used our noodles and reserved the equipment we needed: an edger and the square buff. We picked them up on Friday evening and returned them on Wednesday morning.

Tip number 1: As I mentioned before, this is something that I cannot believe nobody told me-- local rental stores don't charge for the days they're not open. So I highly recommend, if you can stand sacrificing your holiday time, renting over weekends and especially Monday holidays that get you that extra bit of time. Our place does a "Weekend Special" that's a 2 for 1-- pick it up after 4pm on Friday and return it before 8am on Monday and it's yours for the price of one day.

For the edger and buffer, 5 days rental (they were closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)., we paid $68 in rental fees-- that's one day each at $39 and $29. A steal!! On Saturday afternoon, we realized that they forgot to give us sanding screen for the final step, and no one in town carries it other than rental stores, so they had pity on us Wednesday morning-- they gave us a few screens and a few extra hours at no charge to finish up. We're trying to come up with more things to rent just because they're so nice to us. I think they like to laugh at us when we leave, and I'm happy to provide entertainment, if that's the kind of deal we get.

Rental fees breakdown:

Edger for one day mid-week to do the kitchen: $29
Drum sander for weekend special (Saturday to Monday): $39
SquarBuff weekend special (Saturday to Monday): $39
SquarBuff weekend and holiday special (Friday to Wednesday): $39
Edger weekend and holiday special (Friday to Wednesday): $29

Equipment rental grand total:

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