Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And we trudge forward.

Well, the last couple of days were long and I'm sore all over. Adam had more shop business yesterday, so it was me and pups again...and as usual, they were no help at all. They spent most of the day basking in the sun and trading places on the bed.

Stinkers. Meanwhile, I was able to get started even earlier with the nice weather, but then I immediately lost my keys in this mess while I was tromping down the flowers.

I was a little afraid I'd be stuck sifting through lilies all day, but I found them without too much trouble.

Considering it was just me, I think I did ok. I was able to get all the brick rollered by about 2 or 3 in the afternoon; I started using the sprayer again to get into the mortar, but I was just chasing drips and not getting great coverage, so I went back to my trusting 3" Wooster and a trim cup. It'll be slow-going, but we'll get there eventually. The biggest hurdle has been crossed. I think. At least my arms will be a fully painted, lovely shade of gray before it's over.

All I know is that I don't think I could have worked on it one more day. I've never been so happy to go back to work in my life.


rustbeltrebel said...

I thought this may be of interest to you with the new addition to the family....

It doesn't matter if the dog is a brat, fearful (which I have) or in the middle it's a great place to start.

I can't wait to see the house when you finish painting it. I love the color.

Amalie said...


I really love Bad Rap-- they do a lot of great things for the breed. I've wanted a pit for a long time, so this little pibble couldn't have found a bigger sucker!! ;-) It's a bummer that I haven't scraped up the time to blog about Robin's progress. She's been with us 10 months now and has made huge improvements. We generally practice nothing in life is free-- sometimes we get a little lax for a while, but if things get a little crazy we just ramp it back up. Her basic training is coming along, and we do a lot of clicker/marker work out in public at a distance far enough away from people not to put her over threshold; we play "look at that" and she loves it. She's getting so much better-- even let some teenagers and the mailman pet her this last week.

A book that I don't yet own, but use some of the principles from, is Control Unleashed; Jean Donaldson's Culture Clash is also fabulous. The "new" is scary, but she's learning some good coping skills. I hope to get her into agility next year, and I'm going to some TTouch seminars in the spring. Simon is fearful (storms, strangers-- will bite-- , handling, loud noises) and I didn't really understand what was going on til late in life-- he's almost 16 now. TTouch has done wonders for his storm issues, btw. At any rate, it's a personality type I understand and I want to help Robin learn to cope while she's still young enough. She's smart and sweet. <3 love all my pups!

Amalie said...

I should also mention that clicker training is really an amazing thing with fearful dogs-- the more positive training they can get and the less negative corrections the better and clickers really help facilitate that. Karen Pryor's Clicker Solutions website is a great resource if you're not familiar with it. I was skeptical, but saw such fabulous, quick results that I'm sold! It took a little bit to wrap my head round how it works, but it's awesome.

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