Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our very first project

and I mean VERY first. I left the closing and stopped at the store for a box cutter so I could tear straight into the carpet. First couple of days were spent pulling up the nasty, nasty 20-year old berber carpet and pad. And the pleasant surprise was floors in great shape and with a pretty shellac orange patina. Another couple of days pulling up tackboard and staples and nails. Then our short attention spans moved on to other projects...

Well, now we're back to the floors (kitchen floors are another problem altogether). They're antique heart pine. No knots, or swirly grain. It's very clear and very vertical. And very pretty.

Our first order of business was to price a professional. The main man in town for this is old and cranky. And he'll only patch the floors if he's going to do the whole job start to finish. Including the kitchen it was going to be around $4k. A little outside our budget.

So, Plan B. We have 2 floor furnaces (that are now moot because we've installed CH/A) which are about 2'X3' and 18"X32". And there's a couple of places where they patched with short boards face nailed in a row. I started emailing every supplier of heart wood I could find, gathered quotes. And moved on to another project, again.

Last weekend we tried to measure the area we need to patch and plan out how we would stagger the boards. And that's where I completely broke down. I have visions of big ugly, obvious patch job in the middle of the living room floor. And I can't stand it.

So now we're on the hunt for old registers/grates/grilles that we can put over the old floor furnace space. The grates we have are modern and ugly. And if I'm just gonna leave a hole there, I'd like it to at least be an antique/reproduction pretty hole.

Unfortunately, those are some big holes to fill and we're not having much luck finding anything. Lots of eBay time being put in. Not many architectural salvage places nearby. Anyone out there have a lead for us?


karen said...

Check out the grates here:

Amalie said...

Thanks-- I'll check those out!

Jen said...

Yes you found heart pine floors with the minwax natural finish. I need to update my tags. That pic may not have the finish on the floor, just the stain.

LisaCarol said...

There is a salvage place in Mena -- when we stopped by in June, he said he would be moving to Harrison eventually. Don't know if he has yet. Doing a good job on a patch isn't impossible either. If you have a place where you can pull out some flooring (a closet, say, or a neighbor who is changing floors), you can weave the pieces together. Or so the books say. We've only salvaged wood floors rather than patching.

(And thanks for visiting my blog -- I got a little caught up in other issues and quit blogging there for a bit.)